Ballina, New South Wales
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Do not use for their essay services!!They were quick to take my money and it seemed like a good service in the beginning, but they didn't follow instructions and I therefore couldn't hand in my essay.

When I asked for a refund or it to be fixed I never heard from them again. I wrote several emails to the manager and support team of the company, but they didn't care as they already had my money.

The essay was terrible, please don't get ripped off as I did.Stay away from this company.

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How did you get a hold of them? I can't seem to get a call back, chat and the 800 number doesn't work. I hope I didn't just lose my money!


I have tried for 10 minutes now to gather even the slightest amount of sympathy for you.You we lazy and decided to hire someone to do YOUR work for a class and it backfired!

You deserved it. Sad thing is you are only cheating yourself. I hope the lesson you learned from all this, is to do it yourself next time.

And people, this is why America is screwed.We are too lazy to write our own essays and actually LEARN SOMETHING!

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